Bridge The Gap Between Haves and Have Not’s in Accessing Higher Education

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We are an association that have faith in poise, respect and equality for all. We have teamed up with different individuals and associations of the country to engage segments of the society that requires a lot of effort. We are with an initiative to maintain a proactive, co-operative and growth oriented society, and tackling with the difficulties that specific individuals of the society face today. We develop as our projects and activities change the lives of the people encompassing us. We endeavour to end up a change and help people live and achieve their goal.

As an association that channels assets towards benefitting the needy with IT-education. We try to keep up an elevated standard of moral, fiscal and social responsibility.

In a nation like India, where diversity exist, there is a requirement for more individuals to approach to change the fabric of the nation. In our locality, town, village, city and state, we see a lot of issues and for which innovative solutions needed are numerous. This is prime fruitful area for the general individuals like us to help the underprivileged and educate them in the IT-sector to develop. In this regard we need more individuals to meet up and hold hands with us.

Thought pioneers and influencers and that too from IT-segment will empower the underprivileged and specially abled to gain from their astuteness and look for avenues to scale sway. CIDIF is one such player in the community attempting to interface the underprivileged section of the society to have the capacity to be utilized and at the same time let them drive a superior life and contributing to the nation as well.

So our work is to recognize the underprivileged section of the society and the specially abled to discover answers for the difficulties debilitating their lives with a definitive aim of setting up a mindful, capable and developed society based upon uniformity, brotherhood and social equity, guaranteeing maintainable and comprehensive improvement and a society of social service through building key association with the government and different national associations by arranging suitable downstream and upstream intercessions. And through IT- education we want to prove this.

What a proud moment it would be, when a girl from a slum becomes an IT expert and return home with the ability to stand on her own feet, it does more to improve the perception of the people in the neighbourhood and it does inspire other girls and women in the locality to make something of themselves. This is what CIDIF wants to achieve- Proud smiling moments.

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