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ISV’s specially designed for mass and niche market, this is in relation to software developed for in-house use only within an organization or software designed or adapted for a single, specific customer. The software may be used for any purpose. For example- scheduling for healthcare personnel, child care management system.

CIDIF aims for developing customized technology platform, so that the government’s vision of digital India gets manifested in desired manner. With the challenge of moving our entire public service infrastructure to an Information technology driven one, so as to be more effective and efficient, Digital India initiative plays a key role in delivery of this objective. The ultimate aim is to ensure accessibility of key services to all citizens through an electronic medium. It can only happen if the technological infrastructure is brought at par with the globally available standards. The aim is to create an e-enabled and knowledge driven economic powerhouse. To attain this objective, a lot needs to be done and contribute by all sections of the society. We need a lot more push to guarantee e-Governance in the nation, spread of electronic services, products, services and creation of associated job opportunities.