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Shakti (women empowerment)

Women constitute half the population, but unfortunately there is a definite lack of programs focussing on their development. We have created a structured format to address this gap by creating a program in order to provide and bring forth focus on women empowerment by our initiative “Shakti”.

CIDIF is born out of a vision to create a community of self-reliant, self – employed women who can live with dignity and security. With trained intervention, we will support these women by imparting them with IT- training. As the world turns conscious towards fair trade, we are aiming to create a self-sustaining system that is profitable to these women and provides an impetus to their social and economic status.

Through “Shakti our aim is to provideknowledge of social, economic and political framework to the womenfolk and bring about awareness around various women’s rights. We also aim to bring forth a change in the current scenario by educating them on various technologies which can help them in better achieving their goals.

Eventually with an effort to drive awareness around social cause, we aim to ensure that after our training programmes can help with the following:

  1. Be employment ready
  2. Better understanding and awareness of their rights and responsibilities
  3. Reduction in domestic violence
  4. Economic Benefits
  5. Reduction in corruption
  6. Reduction in poverty
  7. Overall contribution to National Development