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We recognize the challenges that needs to be addressed and to address them in a systematic manner,we have taken the following initiative to focus on –

  • Digital India
  • Skill India
  • Centre of Knowledge
  • Advisory Services
  • Women Empowerment
  • Specially abled
  • Weaker section students

To address the skill gap of the workforce in most industries especially Information technology , CIDIF has take upon itself to help in identifying the gap in the knowledge base , provide training and support and assit in completing the projects especially in the IT sector. We look forward to provide IT- training in the best possible way to uncover the talent pool available in ourcountry with support from various directed programs.

Our strategic MOU with NIELET will also help in providing training and guidance to people at their premises and also at our own centre, approved by DOE, to train people in the IT sector and equip them with employable skill set.Taking this to the next level, we are also in process of setting up a lab for NIELET, where NIELET will provide certification and the exams will be conducted on the curriculum designed by CIDIF.

And further, we have Collaborations with-

  • OEMs like DELL, HP, Microsoft, Symantec, CISCO, Lenovo, IBM, Oracle, SAP.
  • Government bodies like NSDC, NeGD,NIC, STPIunder Deity, for helping the government forge a better connection to work for various Digital India projects.